Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What size are the beds?

       Standard twin.

2.    What items do I need for the apartment?

       You will need your own bed and bath linens, shower curtain, pots & pans, utensils and 

       any other personal items. One lamp is provided per bedroom. Small kitchen appliances

       such as toasters and coffee makers are allowed. A microwave is provided. 

3.    Are private bedrooms available?

       Yes, there are 22 private rooms available for the 2019-2020 school year. Returning        

       students and subsequently, students who pay the $1,055 reservation deposit, are                  accepted first. The balance of the rooms are then granted on a first come, first serve              basis using the date of receipt of your application, deposit and completed lease. 

4.    Are pets/animals allowed?

       No pets or animals are allowed.

5.    Can the apartment be toured prior to renting?

       Absolutely! The apartments are shown by appointment only. Schedule a tour of the

       apartments in conjunction with a Penn State New Kensington campus tour by calling

       724-334-LION or emailing  The apartments are managed by

       SRI One, LP.

6.    What happens in the event that roommates are incompatible?

       There may be a room reassignment at the discretion of the property manager and  

       resident assistant. 

7.    Are utilities included in the rent?

       Utilities included in the rent are: Gas, electric, water, sewer, trash and Wi-Fi.               

       Cable (serviced through Comcast) is the responsibility of the roommates. 

8.    How are roommates assigned?

       You can request a roommate on your application and management will do their best to

       make that match. If you don't have a roommate in mind, the property manager will

       assign roommates based on your major and class status in terms of freshman,

       sophomore, junior or senior. There are NO Co-Ed rooms. 

9.    How are building maintenance and repairs handled?

       There is a handyman on staff who will compete repairs when repair requests have been

       made. Repair requests are submitted on this website at the Maintenance tab. 

10.  When will I receive my roommate name and contact information?

       This information will be communicated to you in late July. 

11.  When will I be notified if I will have a private bedroom?

       Private bedrooms are confirmed in the order that we receive the full security deposit

       and August/May rent payment and the completed lease. This is necessary to       

       accommodate all housing requests. 

12.  Where can students receive their mail?

       Each apartment has its own mailbox in the building where students can receive personal

       mail.  There are several package mailboxes to accommodate larger mail items.  Mail

       should be addressed to:
       (Student Name) 
       793 Myers Drive, Apartment # ____ 
       New Kensington, PA 15068

13.  What security measures are in place to make sure the building is secure?

​       For the safety and security of all residents, the door to the building is locked 24 hours a

       day, 7 days a week.  A new electronic key card system was installed in 2014 on all of

       the entrance doors.  Individual apartments are also secured by lock.  There are security

       cameras on each floor of the building as well as a fire detection network in case of an

       emergency.  Upper Burrell Police Department is less than a mile away, and the campus

       University police officer has jurisdiction extending from the campus to the property

       where the apartment complex is located.

14.  Are there transportation services nearby if I do not have a car?

​       Yes, the Penn State New Kensington campus shuttle stops in the apartment’s parking

       lot.  The campus shuttle runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the fall and spring              semester. Click here for the campus shuttle schedule. 

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