Rental Questions, please contact:    Martine Schoenwetter, Property Manager
                                                      (570) 849-0323 



Please complete one application for both the student and co-signer. List the student first. 

    *** For all new students: An application fee of $25 per applicant is required ($50 for      
                    student + parent cosigner). COSIGNERS ARE REQUIRED. ***


  • Nittany Highlands Apartments collects monthly rental payments much like any typical apartment rental. The rental rates include all utilities; gas, electric, water, sewer, trash and Wi-Fi. Cable services are the responsibility of all of the roommates to organize and are supplied by Comcast; this cost is not included in the rent. We currently handle by the bed leasing of our two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments, which means you share the common areas and bedrooms with assigned roommates, much like a dormitory. Each apartment is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen. Each lease term runs from the middle of August through the first week of May in accordance with PSNK's academic calendar. Your rent payments will include eight monthly payments made September through April of the following year. You can also opt to stay through the summer with a summer lease.


  • Private Bedrooms: If you elect a private bedroom you will have one bedroom to yourself within an apartment, but will share the common kitchen, living room and bathroom with up to two apartment-mates.
  • Shared Bedrooms: If you elect a shared bedroom you will share your room with an assigned roommate and will share the apartment with up to three apartment-mates. 


    Private Bedrooms

  • Rent: $725 /month 
  • Security Deposit: $500, refundable
  • Reservation Fee: $865 ($500 applied toward the security deposit due, remainder applied to August's rent payment)


    Shared Bedrooms

  • ​​Rent: $425/month 
  • Security Deposit: $500, refundable 
  • Reservation Fee: $715 ($500 applied toward the security deposit due, remainder applied to August's rent payment) 


  • The reservation fee is required and will be requested by management after your application has been received. Your bed will not be reserved until the application fee has been received. 



  • Rent is due on the first (1st) day of each month and will include a late fee of $50 if received after the fifth (5th) day of each month. All payments should be made payable to SRI One, LP.


                                                         SRI One, LP                                                                                                                               115 Tinas Way                                                                                                                           Exeter, PA 18643

  • Rent payments can also be paid online below through the tenant portal via your bank account or credit card. Contact management via email to request a username and password if you have not received one to access the TENANT PORTAL . 


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